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Suleve Matzwarte kraan met bediening via sensoren

Suleve Matzwarte kraan met bediening via sensoren

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Geplaatst op 23e dec 2020Verzending uit Tsjechië
Matzwarte kraan van Suleve met sensorbediening en slang. Geschikt voor warm en koud water.

Kenmerken volgens de fabrikant:
1.Assistive Touch Control Technology: A simple touch on the kitchen sink faucet¡¯s spout or body starts and stops the flow of water for a near touchless cleaning design.
2.360 ° free rotation with freely pulling faucet, clean and upgrade the angle freely, the cleaning range is wider, the water is less laborious, and it is effortless to rinse the dead corner stains.
3.High-quality ceramic valve core, combined with Spain's overall closed technology, interlocking, heat-resistant and wear-resistant, longer service life, comfortable and smooth.
4.The main body and outlet pipe are made of SUS304 stainless steel without harmful metal precipitation, which is not easy to corrode, safe and healthy water.
5.Double water inlet channel, can connect cold water and hot water, switch between cold and hot smoothly, not afraid of cold water in winter, and enjoy cold in summer.
6.Swan-neck high-throw shape, easy to take water from high and low containers, and can also hang rags; patented soft silk process, dirt-resistant and easy to clean, aesthetic and practical coexist
7.Two different modes, free to switch, washing dishes and vegetables is more convenient and intimate.,

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