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Tyranny - Gold Edition @Epic Games Store
1342° Verlopen

Tyranny - Gold Edition @Epic Games Store

GRATIS€49,53Epic Games Store Aanbiedingen
1342° Verlopen
Tyranny - Gold Edition @Epic Games Store
Vernieuwd dec 10e 2020 (Geplaatst dec 3e 2020)

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Update 1
Nu gratis te claimen t/m donderdag 17 december 17:00!
Van 10 t/m 17 december is de game Tyranny - Gold Edition gratis te downloaden in de Epic Games Store.

Bij steam kost deze game 49,53: link
Het gaat om de gold edition, deze bevat de volgende extensies:

Beschrijving game:

Tyranny – Gold Edition is the ultimate Tyranny experience and includes every Tyranny Expansion and all additional DLC content. Experience a story-driven RPG where your choices mean all the difference in a world conquered by evil.
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