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Unreal Engine - Gratis marketplace assets voor maand juni 2024

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Gratis assetpacks voor de Unreal Engine

Science Fiction Valley Town
SCI-FI valley village working with NANITE and LUMEN containing 99 static meshes on UE 5

Ultimate Weapon Customization System + Stylized Futuristic Set
Weapon Customization: Create 1300+ unique weapons, customize 7 parts, 6 skins, and Discover a wealth of exciting other features!

Lookout Tower
Lookout Tower on lake surrounded by pine forest and mountains

Low Poly Viking Top-Down Interiors
PolyArt3D presents - Low Poly Viking Top-Down Interiors

Adventurer's Inventory Kit
Adventurer’s Inventory Kitis an advanced inventory/Equipment system created by blueprints. The modular design of the system will allow you to create your own item types easily. There are also a couple of premade example item types as you can test from the screenshots. Items are using completely separate structures and different data tables. You can easily edit/add your own structure to the system.
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