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Untitled Goose Game (PS4)

Gedeeld door smithsmith
Lid sinds 2022

Over deze aanbieding

Voor wie digitaal wilt, € 9,99 in de Playstation Store.

Untitled Goose game is nothing short of a *honk*nomenon (Sorry!), transcending the hallowed halls of nerdom to become part of the cultural zeitgeist

australian developer house house created the ultimate anti-hero with their headlining Goose, crafting a clever and genre-busting puzzler that achieves brilliance with hilarious gestures and impeccable nuance

everything about this game is charming, from its deft animation to its subtle yet dynamic soundtrack

included here is a very special mail order-style 'catalogue of junk,'a perfectly informative illustrated booklet only available with the physical Edition of the game. As well as a town map and Goose sign stickers

it's enough to make you wanna *honk* *honk*.
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  1. Avatar
    9,99 in de ps store
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  3. Avatar
    Peace was never an option
  4. Avatar
    Dit spel is momenteel 10 euro in de Playstation store. Dat lijkt mij een betere prijs wanneer digitiaal prima is.
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    Super mooi spel met z'n 2en