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Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 (2-pack)

Geplaatst op 8 mei 2022
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The Xiaomi AX3000 router uses a new generation of Wi-Fi 6 technology, with simultaneous dual-band wireless speed of up to 2976Mbps, which is 155% higher than the conventional AX1800, and the Internet speed is faster.
In addition, the Xiaomi AX3000 router is equipped with OFDMA technology, which divides the wireless channel into multiple sub-channels (sub-carriers) to form a radio frequency resource unit. User data is carried on each resource unit rather than occupying the entire channel. Multiple users in the segment transmit in parallel at the same time without queuing and competing with each other, improving efficiency and reducing waiting time in the queue.
It is worth mentioning that the 5G frequency band of this router supports 2x2 160 MHz, which is twice as wide as the traditional 80 MHz bandwidth, and the theoretical speed is also doubled. The connection of multiple devices also has a smooth network speed.
In terms of performance, Xiaomi AX3000 is equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm chips, specifically IPQ5000, equipped with 4 hidden antennas, 4 independent signal amplifiers, the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands are equipped with signal amplifiers. independent (PA + LNA), the signal intensity is increased by 4 dB, and the theoretical coverage strength increases by 50%.

It also supports Xiaomi Mesh technology, which allows multiple routers to form a mesh network. Whether it's a large apartment or multiple floors, you can cover your entire house with a super network signal. The equipment can be seamlessly plugged into multiple routers and you can play on the go without fear of lag.

In terms of appearance design, Xiaomi AX3000 router adopts vertical solution and cool black cube design. It has good heat conduction and heat dissipation, large channel convection, and large heat sinks to effectively reduce the chip temperature and keep the system in a stable operating state at all times.
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