Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 1S @Gshopper

Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 1S @Gshopper

€33,99€51,99-35% Gratis Gratis
Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 1S @Gshopper
Geplaatst op 20e nov 2020Verzending uit Spanje
Bij Gshopper is de Mi Dash Cam 1s in de aanbieiding voor 33,99.
140 graden kijkhoek en neemt op in 1080P.
De Mi Dash Cam wordt verzonden vanuit spanje.
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Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR Camera 1S is equipped with SONY IMX307 STARVIS sensor, with F1.8 large aperture, the amount of light entering is very large, which makes the recorder have excellent imaging effect in low illumination environment at night.

1080P Full HD / 140 Degree Wide
With full HD 1080P image processing technology, with high-fidelity H.264 video encoding storage compression, making the video picture very clear. The wide angle of 140 degrees covers the three lanes of the front and has a wide view.

3D Noise Reduction
3D noise reduction technology removes noise and improves the clarity of the nighttime video.

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