Brandfield Order not delivered. What are my rights?

jun 26e
On the June 2, 2020. I ordered a fitbit from Brandfield. It was supposed to arrive on 6th June. It never arrived. I got a track and trace code that changed to delivered but I never got it.

I contacted Brandfield and they asked me to fill in a PostNL form. I filled it then after continuously asking them about the status. I got a response from Brandfied that

" The only way to solve this problem is to contact PostNL again about a solution. I am sorry we can not help you any further with this. "

And then when I contacted PostNL. I got the response from PostNL that only the sender can initiate the investigation. then after many talks. Brandfield agreed to look into the matter. They started the investigation with PostNL then I got this message from them.

"We have now received a response from PostNL:

Our driver has delivered the shipment to a different address than previously stated. The shipment has been deserved and received by the addressee. Enjoy your purchase! If you have any further questions, please hear we like this "Then I asked them what do you mean and they said the package was delivered to a specific address. I went to find that address after work and it does not exist. I tried to communicate with them and they kept ignoring me. Finally, they asked me to fill in the PostNL investigation form again. I did then after two weeks I got the same response from them but this time in english.

"Thanks for your message. We have sent the declaration of non-receipt signed by you to PostNL and asked them for an update. We expect to receive more information next week and to inform you further. We hope to be able to offer a solution for you. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience. Have a nice day! "

and then when I asked them why are they sending me the same email again. They asked me to fill in the PostNL form again. I said I have already filled it. They said the date on that form is incorrect. It should be today. The date is not today because at the time I sent them the form it was a different date.

It's been a month since I ordered. I found the deal on Pepper.

They have been ignoring me on email and on whatsapp. Everytime, I will message them about my order they will say. contact us through email. They were ignoring the emails.

I plan to leave a bad review on every platform I can find; trust pilot, google reviews. I will specifically look for more.

I am at the end of my patience level with them. I have wasted so much time and energy chasing them about my order.

What are my options? I can file a complaint with Thuiswinkel and the disputes committee.

I was going over reviews against Brandfiled and found that other customers have reported similar behavior from them.
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Not much options, unless you paid with creditcard or Paypal.
Filing a complaint with Thuiswinkel is fine, but it won't get you your money back.
Leaving a bad review on Trustpilot sometimes helps to get a webshop's attention.
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If you suspect fraud you can file a police report. Like Emily15 said, there's little chance you will be refunded if you haven't paid through a method with consumer protection. You can also file a complaint with Consuwijzer, but since you mention more reports of similar situations it would be a good idea to go to the police directly. When you do, the website will be marked as fraudulent in the public police database.
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Could you PM me the tracking code maybe?
Oh Ik heb eens bij Trustpilot gekeken de eerste recensie is goed maar daarna heel veel slechte recensies voornamelijk over sieraden en horloges die niet bezorgd worden en dergelijke.
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