Vandaag 15% korting op designerytoys bij MintyFresh

Vandaag 15% korting op designerytoys bij MintyFresh

jan 16e 2018

It all started 10 years ago at the Chamber of Commerce, with a few signatures here and there, little stamp, payment of €25 and it was official, Mintyfresh was born!
Me and Leon didn't do shit for 4 months but we had our own company :-) Due to reasons Leon left after a while and I continued the crusade of madness with these Yuppy toys (that's how my mom still calls them today) With support of friends, family, colleagues, returning customers and many other facets I managed to turn Mintyfresh into a profitable company and was able to go fulltime in 2012. Never looked back and since then we attended several conventions, moved into an actual house, got a Mintyfresh baby, started a new company called Creamlab and there is more to come!

To celebrate this occasion we have a few things in mind for the coming months however we want to start off with a Discount COuntdown! What's a discount countdown you ask? SImple, we have a constant changing discount code based on how long you wait in using it, it get's lower in value

Not gonna lie, it's not our best promotion in the past 10 years but we gotta start somewhere. Use the code MINTYIS10 during checkout to receive that day's discount rate. Today we start with 15% and we will end with 5% on the last day: January 26th, 2018. As always no discount on pre-orders, so please don't ask why it's not working.

Again thank you for your continuing support of my little company, without you, I would've never made it so far!
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