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Amazon Prime Gaming - Augustus 2023

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  • August 3: PayDay 2 + “The Gage Mod Courier” DLC [Epic Games Store] — Descend onto Washington D.C. for an epic crime spree in this action-packed, four player co-op shooter that lets you don the masks of the original PayDay crew of Dallas, Hoxton, Wof and Chains. In addition to the core game, members can also claim the Gage Mod Courier DLC, which includes around 28 new weapon modifications and 10 achievements for players that enjoy achievement hunting.

  • August 10: Farming Simulator 19 [Epic Games Store] — Take control of new machinery, handle crops, expand your farm, tend to your livestock and explore land inspired by new American and European environments.

  • August 10: Blade Assault [Amazon Games App] — Fight against the corrupt military of Esperanza to bring the corrupt to justice by gathering strength and fighting alongside trusty comrades in this 2D action rogue-lite platformer.

  • August 10: Quake 4 [GOG] — Spearhead Earth’s military invasion as part of the elite Rhino Squad, fighting for humanity’s survival against an unrelenting enemy, players may discover that the only way to defeat them… is to become one of them.

  • August 17: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed™ 2 [Amazon Games App] — Take on the role of Starkiller and embark on a journey to discover his identity, reunite with his one true love and defeat Darth Vader in this sequel to a beloved classic.

  • August 17: Foretales [Amazon Games App] — Decide the fate of the world via a multitude of playstyles and story paths through which you can save the world… or bring about its end in this ingenious story-driven card game.

  • August 17: Driftland: The Magic Revival [Amazon Games App] — Take on the role of a powerful mage capable of moving and connecting floating lands, develop a mighty empire, and restore the shattered planet Driftland to its former glory!

  • August 24: In Sound Mind [Amazon Games App] — Journey within the inner workings of the mind as players encounter frenetic puzzles, unique boss fights and original music in this imaginative first-person psychological horror.

  • August 31: Summertime Madness [Legacy Games Code] — Find escape from your prison, trapped inside a canvas as an artist who made a deal with the devil, or be stuck forever in the painting. Meer details bij
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  1. ToMaX99's avatar
    Quake 4? Ik ken alleen deel 1... Wauw
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  2. Vincento's avatar
    Hopelijk binnekort ergens fm 23
  3. Chairman's avatar
    Als je deze games download, kan je dan ook gratis blijven spelen na de actie datum?
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    Jazeker bijv die via epic games of via GOG gaan kan je altijd downloaden en spelen. En voor de games die via de Amazon launcher gaan kan volgens mij alleen als je een actief prime membership hebt.
  4. Bartleunen's avatar
    Als iemand nog een key over heeft voor PayDay 2 dan zou ik die graag willen gebruiken
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    Je had mijne gemogen (ik heb hem al op steam) maar omdat het een Epic exemplaar betreft, werd hij automatisch gelinked aan mijn zieltogende Epic account toen ik op claimen drukte. Wellicht dat het werkt als iemand die hem daar ook al heeft en probeert toe te voegen, dat ze wel een key krijgen? Maar geen idee of dat gebeurt. (aangepast)
  5. eXtrmG's avatar
    Iemand nog een roblox code over voor me zoontje. Via pm.
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