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"Exercise" your demons. Put your poltergeists through their paces and get your ghosts in gear. Scare up some fun in this haunting world inspired by classic horror films like "Hellraiser" or "Ghost Ship". You become the Ghost Master in a unique witches brew of strategy, adventure, and ghoulish sim. Your sole purpose is to frighten the mortals right out of town.

Ghost Master features:14 unique scenarios - ghoulish mysteries with multiple solutions; over 40 spirit types to command - from horrible cenobites like phantoms to hordes of spiders; 11 environments - ghostly atmospheres based on films of classic; horrors such as "Blair Witch" or "Evil Dead" and up to 30 separate characters per level for extended gameplay options.
  • A great mix between tactical strategy and adventure game
  • It's so hillarious, it's just scary!
  • Scare off those meddling kids with your fickle and often unpredictable supernatural minions Meer details bij
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    Leuk! Dat is lang geleden dat ik die voor het laatst gespeeld heb! Dank voor het delen!
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