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The Isle of Cats: Explore & Draw (retourdeal)

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De Role and Write versie van Isle of Cats voor maar 10,80.
1 stuks beschikbaar want het betreft een retourdeal (als nieuw, dus folie eraf, maar ongespeeld)

BoardGameGeek: 7.4

The Isle of Cats Explore & Draw features gameplay like The Isle of Cats, but with players now choosing a set of cards each round instead of drafting, and then drawing their discoveries onto their boat.

Explore & Draw is a competitive, polyomino cat-placement board game for 1-6 players that is ideal for a quick break or taking to a friend’s house.

In the game, you are citizens of Squalls End on a rescue mission to The Isle of Cats and must rescue as many cats as possible before the evil Lord Vesh arrives. Each cat is represented by a unique shape and belongs to a family, you must find a way to make them all fit on your boat while keeping families together.

You will also find treasures, Oshax (special cats), and ancient lessons which give you another personal way of scoring points.

Complete lessons, fill your boat, and keep cat families together to score points, and the player with the most points after seven rounds wins. Meer details bij
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