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Liectroux XR500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner LDS Laser Navigation 6500Pa Suction 2-in-1 Vacuuming and Mopping

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LDS Laser Radar Metering

Equipped with a new LDS laser scanning system, SLAM algorithm, and signal acquisition system that can quickly rotate and scan all kinds of complex home environments.

Precise Mapping and Whole House Planning

Real-time perception of various complex family scenes, supporting object recognition, scene recognition, and ground material recognition.

Precise mapping based on different scenes, global planning, and whole-house coverage!

Remote Control

APP remote control, visual cleaning, and real-time map presentation.

Cleaning progress was obtained at a glance and all under control.

scheduled cleaning to save your time and effort.

Dynamic Intelligent Planned Routing

Dynamic intelligent routing can minimize cross-area routing and number of turns, maximize the distance of straight-line high-speed cleaning.

Automatic Recharging and Proceeding at Breakout Point

When the battery level is lower than 20%, the robot vacuum will automatically return to the charging dock for charging.

When the battery is charged to 80%, it will automatically return to proceed with cleaning at the breakpoint to avoid omission or repetition.

Multi-layer Map Management

Map(s) is/are created in-house cleaning and stored in the application, saving time and electricity.

Intelligent Recognition and Comprehensive Scanning

Not afraid of low lighting and dark objects, identify various complex scenes, with collision, fall, and winding protections for more smooth cleaning.

Y-routed Cleaning

Y-routed cleaning for repeated mopping and sweeping, imitating artificial kneeling-type cleaning.

Set Forbidden Area

You can set one or more forbidden areas in App by drawing the frame that the robot will not clean.

Specified-area Cleaning

By setting a specified area in the APP, you can have only the specified room or area cleaned, just by dragging a box on the map, so that the robot will clean the area you specified.

Set Virtual Barrier

By setting a virtual barrier in the APP, you can specify any area to which the robot will not have access, by drawing a line on the map.

350ml Large-capacity Water Tank

Smart wet mopping for strong cleaning performance.

Three Levels of Flow Rate

Three levels of precise control of constant pressure to regulate soaking for better floor protection.

6500pa Suction Capacity

Suck large particles and small dust with ease.

Brush-less frequency-variable motor with ultra-large suction and large-diameter floating V-shape rolling brush.

Collect dust close to the ground with improved cleaning performance.

3000mAh Battery Life

3000mAh high capacity density lithium battery, enough to cope with the large-area house.

Calculate the Shortcut Path to Recharge

The coordinate memory algorithm enables the robot vacuum to detect the environment and find the shortcut to recharge at a low battery.

600ml Large-capacity Dust Collector with Double Filter Screen.

Compatible with Alexa & Google Home Voice Assistants.
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    Kijk aub goed naar de ondersteunende apps: hoe goed zijn die en worden de apps goed bijgehouden?

    Ik heb zelf een aantal jaar geleden een Neatsvor gekocht die nu onbruikbaar is, omdat de ondersteunende app (WeBack) niet meer werkt.