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Reolink POE deurbel

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5 MP Super HD picture in 180° Diagonal: Find the right position for your doorbell with the 15° wedge kit and enjoy the super wide field of view. Great 5MP HD, with advanced HDR/3D DNR and distortion correction technologies, provides you with sharp and detailed images even in low light.
Doorbell Included & Faster Answers: Plug the supplied doorbell into a wall outlet in any room you want and receive alerts when visitors are "at the door". You can choose from 1 of 10 melodies and you can adjust the volume. You can also set voice messages or automatic replies for when you don't have time.
Accurate Person Detection Alerts: You can set it to receive alerts when a person is detected, ignoring non-human passers-by, and you can set the motion zone to control where objects are detected.
Flexible Storage Options & Versatile Software: REOLINK software offers lifetime service for which you pay NOTHING monthly. It supports pre-roll recording, which provides valuable 6s images from before an event is triggered. Recordings can be stored on a microSD card (max. 256GB, not included), REOLINK NVR for built-in 2TB/4TB HDD local storage, or FTP/NAS.
Easy & Reliable PoE Installation: Installs within a few minutes with a Power over Ethernet design, also in unparalleled stability - data transfer without having to rely on a faltering Wi-Fi connection, but via a wired connection. If the Internet temporarily goes down, the camera continues to record 24/7.
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  1. 420BlazeIt's avatar
    Dit is de videodeurbel die je wilt hebben, geen enkele andere komt in de buurt
  2. RubenK's avatar
    Absolute aanrader! Door PoE zowel stroom als netwerk, goede kwaliteit met opnemen en app reageert vlot! Binnen 2 tellen live beeld!
    Iggy's avatar
    Dit werkt zonder abbo? En kan je terug kijken wie er heeft aangebeld? Sorry heb hier totaal geen verstand van
  3. Kor-Ting's avatar
    Blijkbaar is Reolink het enige bedrijf die snapt dat zoiets gewoon poe MOET hebben 👌

    Ik heb zo'n deurbel niet nodig maar als ik er 1 zou kopen dan 100% een met POE.
    Ruimzicht's avatar
  4. Skle's avatar
    Voor de Apple gebruikers en tevens techneuten: gebruik Scrypted om deze deurbel in HomeKit te kunnen gebruiken. Werkt geweldig!
  5. p_koelkast's avatar
    Ik heb 'm ook, heel tevreden mee. Ik laat m opnemen op m'n nas.
  6. Iggy's avatar
    Al die termen hier… bedankt
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