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Clash of Decks Initiation Pack

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Get the FREE INITIATION PACK (compatible in English version 🇺🇸 and in French version 🇫🇷) of Clash of Decks and then go to the next level with the STAND-ALONE EXTENSIONS ! Limited to 1 copy per customer.

Clash of Decks is a card game for 1 to 2 players, from 8 years old, playable in 15 minutes, designed by Léandre Proust, with illustrations by Studio Rexard and published by Grammes Édition. In this minimalist full-information game, you must create your army of 8 creatures and fight other Witch-Lords to destroy their fortresses!

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  1. ClaudiavanBeek's avatar
    3221292-rx6CR.jpgNet besteld. Ik kreeg wel deze email.
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    Indeed, we have received many requests from the Netherlands during this last hour and it seemed suspicious to us. The wave of requests seems to be coming from here. Rest assured, you will receive a copy of the Clash of Decks Initiation Pack.
  2. Tychose's avatar
    Is dit nu een uitbreiding waarvoor je het basisspel moet hebben of te spelen zonder verder iets te hoeven kopen? Mij niet helemaal duidelijk :/
    Leandre_Proust's avatar
    This is a standalone game. You don't need anything else to play and experience the game. If you like it, you can then buy standalone expansions which add a lot of depth to the game and new combos!
  3. Zeehond's avatar
    Ben heel benieuwd!
  4. sparowk's avatar
    Goed gevonden. Besteld, eens zien of het komt en of het wat is..
  5. Skreg's avatar
    Bedankt, ben benieuwd!
  6. vross's avatar
    Mijn vrienden en ik hebben t binnen gekregen! 😁
  7. Tychose's avatar
    Ook ik heb hem zojuist ontvangen!
  8. Pianist's avatar
    Ik heb het binnen gekregen
  9. Daan_'s avatar
    @Leandre_Proust Nice promotion, looking forward to trying it out.
  10. HenkJannes's avatar
  11. vross's avatar
    Heeft iemand t spel al ontvangen?
  12. Koos-Geldloos's avatar
    Koos-Geldloos Auteur
    Nog niet.
  13. Koos-Geldloos's avatar
    Koos-Geldloos Auteur

    Net ontvangen
    Van het weekend gaan we hem proberen
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