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[Steam] POOSTALL Royale

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Van de makers van Postal: POOSTALL Royale! De reviews op de Steam-pagina zijn niets dan lovend

So you got to this Steam page and you're wondering what in the blue hell you're seeing right in front of you. It's hard to explain really, one month in the making and the C team of RWS crapped out this absolute masterpiece that is available for you to download right now!

We can't believe we're not charging you for this masterpiece!


That's right, this was all part of an elaborate April Fools joke. But what exactly is real and what isn't?

Quite simply, the game is real, the people who worked in it are real and all the plans to continue improving the game are real too!

While this game was never meant to be taken too seriously, the people behind the "C Team of RWS" are passionate and are willing to continuing polishing this game. All the new updates will be FREE!
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  1. bassiejnl's avatar
    Postal 2 meerdere keren uitgespeeld. Wat een top games!

    Maar wat is nu echt de deal hier?
    Gewoon een free to play spel?
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    Een 1 april grap. Maar het is een echte game met basic gameplay. Gewoon ff voor de fun.